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A celebrant who loves to barter for your wedding or naming day ceremony

Have you ever operated a small business? Or perhaps you still do? For those that don’t I think there is sometimes a lack of understanding of the complexities and the significant stress involved. They often see the good points, ‘oh but you work for yourself, you determine your own hours, you don’t have a boss” etc etc. They think it’s a cash money tree, they seeing cash that comes in but they do not see all the cash that goes out in overheads. Unlike having a stable employment where you turn up and do your hours and then go home, small businesses need support to survive. That’s you and I. Many small businesses don’t survive.

When someone employs me to officiate their day they are supporting my small business. I like to return the favour. So if you have a business and you could use a celebrant, lets talk some more.

I am very open to bartering services, that is, you can elect to pay some of my fees with a gift voucher to your business. I love doing this, I have enjoyed so many wonderful services and products as a result of this business venture.

In addition to bartering for services I will extend an invitation to participate in one of my business blog interviews to assist in generating new leads.

To date here are a few examples of just some of the business bartering transactions I have enjoyed, hair dressing services from a bride that was a hairdresser. Beauty services from a beautician. Hand made jewellery from a designer. A stunning wall art macramé that the bride/artist made using a piece of wood I provided from my block of land, professional photographs/ memories of my 40th birthday party (I know… forty!).

You can follow a few of the links to check out some of the wonderful business for business services I have worked within the past.

I have also been able to barter for things that I have been able to gift to others, one clever past bride made the wedding cake for my brothers wedding six months after their wedding. See the gorgeous nautical themed cake and cupcakes for their coastal wedding. Dance lessons for my daughter (yet to claim). I even shared my hair dressing credit with my mum, she was stoked too.

So if you have a business and you’d like to engage in a bartering service, hit me up, flick me a message and tell me about what you do and how I can support your business. You may not be getting married, you may already be married and you want to renew your vows – or you wish to host a renewal like I did for my parents and their 40 year Ruby anniversary. You may have a baby and you wish to celebrate with a naming day – or you have a friend who has had a baby and you can host a naming day for them. There are so many ideas and so many options.

Thank you for supporting me, I look forward to supporting you.

Love Tanya xxx

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