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• Renewal of Vows

Re-newing ones vows is truly a heartwarming occasions for couples to undertake. It is an ideal way to acknowledge the achievement of noticeable milestones in their marriage as they reaffirm their commitment and devotion to one another by way of this wonderful ceremony.

This private ceremony demonstrates couples undeniable faith and beliefs in the true spirit of a Marriage.


This is the chance to ‘rewrite your vows’  and make new lifetime promises. This celebration can also be the chance to include any new members of the family, any little ones that have come along the way since the last big I do and give them a chance for them to witness their parents public declarations of love.  

Wedding Anniversaries:

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1st - paper                         
5th - wood                         
10th - tin                            
15th - crystal                    
20th - china                      
25th - silver
30th - pearl
35th - coral or jade

40th - ruby or garnet

45th - sapphire
50th - gold
55th - emerald or turquoise
60th - diamond
65th - diamond
70th - platinum
75th - diamond

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