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Wedding hair styles with your South Coast mobile hairdresser

Business profile interview with Kyla Smith of LA hairdressing by Kyla

Kyla we first met when I hired you to style the hair for my mum on my parents 40th/ruby anniversary. They actually had a vow renewal ceremony so I wanted her to feel extra special. All our family and friends came and it was a big celebration, not only had they made 40 years of marriage- they had also recently retired.

Soon after that you contacted me to officiate your special day. I enjoyed getting to know your Now Husband (!) and beautiful children in the lead up to the day and I we had such a fun ceremony on the South Coast beach that you grew up holidaying at.

In between then I had married multiple brides who had used your services, they all speak so highly of you and are so happy with the work you do. It was a no brainer on who to recommend when my brother got engaged! Last April on their wedding day you came out to my parents place and did the hair for all us ladies (the bride, her mother, my mother, my aunty and the flower girls) I think we all looked sensational – Im not biased at all!

Q What inspired you to set up your business?

A It had been an idea for years, when I was working in a salon for 12 hrs a day it just wasn’t fun any more.

I can imagine that being your own boss allows you to work at your best capacity so that you can continue to enjoy your profession. Work is such a big part of our lives that enjoying it makes a huge difference!

Q What do you most enjoy about your business?

A I Love that I can pamper even the most busy of people, such as that that mum who never can get a baby sitter but wants to look her best

Q Do you have any advice to upcoming brides on how she should chose her hair style for the day?

A Sure, have a look at lots of photos to work out what it is that you like – you could try Google or Pinterest or magazines. If you’re still not sure if you want it up or down or to the side - then a trial is a must!

Q You were recently married in 2018 – do you have any advice to couples planning their wedding?

A Try not to stress the small stuff, the day will be amazing no matter what! Up until an hr before my wedding it was raining… but you know, what I didn’t care! I just let it be… and it stopped!

Q Are you noticing any popular requests emerging amongst your weddings?

A Lots of brides seem to be having their hair out on the day but please remember this doesn’t always suit all hair types and may not look the same all day no matter how hard your hairdresser sprays it!

That’s great, thanks for sharing your work with us, how can brides best be in touch with you?

They could either ph me or message me via my page

Kyla: Ph 0401978943

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