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Unique Jewellery & Destination Weddings

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

I had the pleasure to meet this talent young artist and her gorgeous family when I officiated their wedding. An Australian groom and his English fiancee with family across the world from each other - they wished to celebrate their love and union with their nearest and dearest at a place in the middle, where everyone would travel to. They were planning a destination wedding in the Greek Islands! While I loved each moment of hearing all about their plans and seeing the pictures, I was also green with envy! They had decided that they wanted to have the legal ceremony in Australia prior to leaving and that rather than having a standard court registration style wedding, they could still enjoy a small ceremony with a some select group of friends, on the sand shores of the beach. So I was the lucky celebrant that was honoured to help create this for them, we chat to Tasha the bride, now wife about their wedding and her unique local business.

Why did you decide to have your legal wedding in Australia rather than overseas?

We chose to have our legal wedding in Australia as it made much more sense for us. For

our wedding overseas in Greece we wanted one of our close friends to be the person to

“marry” us in front of our friends & family. Therefore we wanted to have our legal

wedding in Australia before we left, it also saved us a lot of complicated paperwork in

Greece & Australia. Tanya was the perfect person to do our legal wedding for us on a

beach in Sydney. It was very relaxed which was exactly what we wanted. We had just a

couple of witnesses with us and celebrated with champagne and a dip in the ocean


I love this cute picture of your fun elopement style beach wedding in Australia!

Do you have any advice for couples who are planning their wedding overseas as a destination wedding?

We found it was very useful to have someone local on the ground to help organise. It made

everything much easier especially as we had a language barrier (Greek / English). We were

really lucky as we had some kind friends in Greece who helped us out with various things.

We chose to do our wedding DIY and didn’t hire a wedding planner.

From memory you got into contact with me after I advertised as a celebrant and I

encouraged people with their own business to be in contact so we could do a business for business arrangement. I was very excited when you sent the link to your gorgeous handmade jewellery store. What inspired you to set up your business?

I was inspired to create beautiful jewellery using the glass that washes up on our beaches. I wanted to ethically and responsibly create beautiful pieces of jewellery that celebrate our life's adventures.

Spindrift Collections is an environmentally conscious jewellery brand, I create jewellery with recycled sterling silver and sea smoothed beach glass.

I LOVE that your company is environmentally friendly! I always call myself the 'Green Celebrant', I saw on your website you donate to planting trees, the world is a better place for your business ethic.

I have known in the past that the bride gifts her bridesmaids with matching jewellery, do you do many bridal party sets?

Yes I certainly do, I’ve had many Spindrift pieces purchased by brides and for bridesmaids.

My pieces make beautiful keepsakes for bridesmaids. My jewellery is not your standard

wedding jewellery, its usually purchased by the more adventurous, ocean loving brides

who want to do things a bit differently.

Did you or your bridal party wear your jewellery to your wedding?

Yes, my bridesmaids wore my ‘Warm Front’ weather necklace and I wore the ‘cold front’

weather necklace, alongside my swell lines rings, mountain wave ring and a beach glass

ring. All these pieces had such meaning myself and my husband. Our wedding was set in

the place my husband and I met, back when we were both teaching windsurfing and sailing

in Greece 10 years ago.

As an expert in the industry, do you have any advice for brides on planning their jewellery for their wedding day?

My advice is to choose something that really has meaning for you, and something you

would like to wear again and again. Don’t be afraid to break with tradition and go for

something a bit different that makes YOU feel amazing.

Where can people view your creations and how can they get in contact with you?

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