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Stationary & accessories with Masters Designs

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

I had the pleasure to first meet Koby when we were planning for their wedding. I recall on the first occasion it was just; pregnant me, the couple and their adorable young son. And at our second meeting, it was the initial crew except I had the baby in the pram. We have always enjoyed an intimate relationship, sharing our most magical events in our lives. I thoroughly enjoyed officiating at your wedding day, I arrived early and wondered around the venue (the Australian Pioneer Village) and I snuck in to the reception to sneak a peak at your gorgeous set up and delicious cake. I loved that I knew under your gorgeous dress you were carrying your daughter. And 12 months after your wedding we celebrated that little girls naming day. Soon we will be working on another big event for your family and that is the naming of your third child, another little girl. During this time your son has more than doubled in age and height! It has truly been a pleasure.

Meanwhile, while attending to your family you have created your own business that you complete entirely at home while still caring for your children, you are a super woman! What inspired you to set up your business?

I’ve always had a love for all things crafty and have always made my children’s Invitations, Nursery Name Prints etc. it wasn’t until I had my daughter in 2019 that I also ventured into handmade hair bows, bow ties, soon to be released dummy chains + more. I really couldn’t have done it without the support from my husband & family & the inspiration from my three little ones.

Masters Designs can design and create personalised stationary for any special events. Including birthdays, weddings christening/baptism or name giving ceremonies etc etc if there is an occasion I’m sure you could find a way to introduce a stylish invite, seating plan or thank you card. For couples that are planning their wedding how would you help them choose their theme for their stationary?

I like to get to know the couple, find out their likes and feel the vibe and style.

Do you have any additional advice to couples planning their wedding?

Don’t stress! Especially not the little stuff & do what makes you and your husband/wife to be happy. It’s a day about the two of you no one else.

I know that you had a naming day for your son (with a different celebrant, before your wedding when we started working together), then we had a gorgeous riverside naming for your daughter and we are in the midst of planning the special day for your third bundle of joy. Why did you choose to have a name giving ceremony for your children?

I chose to have a name giving ceremony for all three of my children not only to ‘Formally’ introduce them into our family & to celebrate/welcome them but we also wanted to have a name giving ceremony rather than a baptism as we want them to be able to choose their religion.

As a professional with experience doing this for lots of people how you share the themes you have had for your family ceremonies? How did you go about choosing the theme for invitations and personalised certificates for your daughters naming ceremony?

My second born {First Daughter} we chose to have a Elephant theme as they are our favourite animal and it just fit perfectly.

For my second daughter we are choosing ‘Pink & Gold Australiana’ as the whole pregnancy we were team green {Didnt find out gender til birth} and Australiana was the ‘theme’ throughout the pregnancy.

What I loved most about your stationary for the Naming day – as a celebrant- was how you actually designed the certificates from the ceremony to match the invite. A lot of families are planning a naming ceremony for their first child and sometimes they haven’t been to a Naming day in the past. My job is to help them to understand the process and guide them in helping extract all the information I need so I can provide a service on the day that is focused on the elements that are important to the parents.

Having already had two, what is your advice to parents planning a Name Giving Ceremony?

You need to think about what the day really means to you & your family. Is there a particular theme ? Before sorting out anything find your date and celebrant. {you being the first choice of course lol} everything else will fall into place.

In addition to your side hustle within the creative technology field thats focused on design and stationary, you are also very talented at the hands on craft of designing and hand make fashion accessories. Was it your daughter give you the motivation to venture into girls fashion?

She most certainly did, I’ve always thought about doing it but never went through until Ava was born and I wanted specific styles & colours etc and loved the thought of it being made by me ❤️.

The other year I made a purchase from you that was timely in nature, someone in my family who is very special to me (and the rest of my family) was fighting her battle with Breast cancer.

Yes, we sell breast cancer bows and during the month of October {EVERY YEAR} for every breast cancer bow sold we donate $5 to the ‘National Breast Cancer Foundation’.

Well I think its great that your business if supporting a great cause. Koby where can people find you to get in contact and ask more about your services?

Email Address:

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