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Spooky kooky Halloween themed Weddings/celebrations

You will note that I have been so time poor of late to attend to this blog idea. I did start this one in the lead up to October 31, however between work, kids and the I Do’s I never got a chance to complete it. But better late than never, and besides it isn’t just Halloween that has to be spooky, theres Friday the 13th, and there is the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration, but to be honest who needs a formal date anyday that takes your fancy you can get your ghoul on.

To date I have never had officiated a Halloween themed wedding, I’m sure there are awesome people out there doing it. I hope one day I can! My husband and I weren’t that cool, ie we didn’t have a spooky wedding. We romantically wanted to marry on the anniversary of the date we met (which was in Winter, as we met at the snow). So instead we had a themed engagement party- and because I was marrying into The Adams family, we had an Adams Family Monster Ball (for those who know, it is spelt Addams on the television show.. close enough!)

What a fabulous bunch of fun that was! From the cooky invitations to the party theme decorating and of course a night spent with our nearest and dearest who were all dressed up for the event.

For our invitations we photoshopped a pic of our faces onto a Mortica and Gomez pic and the invite shared the details of the event and included that it was a dress up theme. It was awesome that so many of our family and friends also love a chance to dress up in theme!

We decorated the tables with red and black, we had an engagement cake that was decorated with red flowers and grave stone that read 'til death do us part'.

We had a dance floor playing monster mash…and lots of normal music.

You mightn’t be surprised to hear that I have had other fancy dress themes that I’ve declared for celebrations I organised – stayed tuned for my Cinderella princess 40th – or back when I had my Hollywood 30th. I even dressed up for my 21st but on that occasion it was just me that dressed up it wasn’t a dress up party. …. Yep its safe to say, I do love a theme and a chance to dress up!

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Виталий Филипов
Виталий Филипов
Jan 29

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