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Wedding Planning

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

It can seem overwhelming – having to plan a wedding. Sometimes it’s the biggest event you will ever host. However if you break it down into little tasks, and if you delegate, its not really hard and best of all it can be fun.

12 months before you wedding

Chose your date - sometimes you might have a particular date that you wish to marry on.

For example, I wanted to get married on the same date that we first met, 22 August, however neither the venue I wanted or the groovy transport were available on that date, so instead I did the week before and told myself that we could celebrate the day that we met, romantically while on our honeymoon. I have had couples marry on one of their birthdays, the anniversary of the day that they became engaged and once, sweetly, on the birthday of the grooms mother who was watching the ceremony from above.

Chose your venue - Is the ceremony and the reception going to be at the same place or different? Indoors or outdoors? Once you have set your date its best to secure these locations so no one else can steal your dream site!

Choose your officiant. I always say, on the day, as the celebrant I am the third most important person on the day. After the couple of course. That is because without a celebrant you can not be legally married. The right celebrant will create a tailored ceremony that sets the scene for the rest of the wedding. It will put you at ease at your most nervous part of the day and ensure that your wedding ceremony is exactly what you want it to be. Chose a celebrant that you meet and feel comfortable with. Discuss with them what you have in mind for your special day, the things that you have seen and liked and things that you have seen and didn’t think would suite you.

Now that you have your date, location and celebrant/church - you typically cant go wrong from there.

This is where the'real fun begins. Have you considered if you want to have a bridal party? It is becoming more and more common that couples are getting married without bridal parties. There are pro’s and cons to both. The sooner you decide on what you want you can decide on who and then you can recruit them to join you on your wedding planning adventure. Because the bridal party doesn’t just turn up on the day and look pretty/handsome. Their duties start long before the day and they can assist significantly in the planning activities.

Next, you might like to start researching the other professions that you may require for your big day, as the good ones will book out quickly. A photographer and a videographer, they can work either together or independently, music (live performance or DJ) and also catering to feed your guests and give them the energy to really party into the night with you.

Remember, while it seems like there's lots to do, work in small chunks and recruit help from family and friends that want to help you.

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