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Overseas destination weddings & how your celebrant can help you.

Planning your overseas nuptials? Have you considered having a quicky before you leave?

Now that the International borders are open again (thanks to the covid pandemic) couples can return to their destination wedding planning overseas, a popular option for couples for many reasons.

Reasons such as...

* After the wedding you are already at the honeymoon location, you won’t lose a minute of your winddown time!

* It’s a great way to cut down your guest numbers – if having a wedding locally it is looking like every man and their dog is hoping for an invite.

* Often, there are great deals with destination weddings that can include a wedding planner who will do all the legwork for you. They can help with organising your crew, including the celebrant, hair and makeup, photo and videography, ceremony and reception decorating, catering and cake. They can do so much to lighten your wedding planning burden, even the invitations.

BUT, they can't do any paperwork for registering your marriage in Australia.

And so, on many occasions I have been asked to assist couples on their wedding journey. To do so they have a legal marriage ceremony in Australia – before- and then they have a ceremony and party overseas. It is essential it occurs in that order, as you are not able to have a legal and registered wedding ceremony in Australia if you have already been married somewhere else.

By doing it in this order, you can enjoy sharing your vows on your home soil and then you can enjoy sharing vows in front of your favourite people in your special destination. Meanwhile your trusty celebrant will be finalising the administration with your States Births Deaths and Marriages. So that when you return your Australian registered marriage certificate is waiting for you and you’re ready to go if you want to change your name etc etc.

So if you’re planning an overseas destination wedding, you might want to consider a contacting a celebrant near you and having a discussion on how they can help you with your paperwork in Australia. Feel free to Çontact Me on the web link and I will be delighted to discuss your ideas!

Happy planning! L Tanya xox

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