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The Travelling Celebrant

Did you know that I travel near and far for weddings? Well, “I Do” (pun intended).

Many years ago, prior to being a celebrant, a work college of mine described me as a ‘Gypsy”, based on my frequent gallivanting around the countryside combined with my eagerness for the next adventure. And I always loved the nick name- they certainly understood me.

Two years ago I noticed that I was doing more weddings at gorgeous locations that were not in my home town and it was an opportunity make a full adventure of it. So we bought ourselves a family holiday maker – a Jayco Camper Trailer and now we venture off as a family when I have weddings far from home. To date I have enjoyed working holidays on the Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens & most recently we left the Eastern coast and travelled over the beautiful Great Dividing Range for a wedding at Lithgow.

The working holiday was just the start of our family adventure. We spent three days in Lithgow, we saw the Old Mines (well I saw them twice, the day before and the day of the wedding), the Blast Furnace and the Small Arms Factory.

Once the wedding was done, the next day we packed up our van and headed off on the non working part of the adventure. To Rydale to see the daffodils, to Cowra to visit the Japanese Gardens (a stunning place to marry if you live out that way I might add), the site of the Cowra POW camps, Forbes, Parkes to visit The Dish, the Gold mine then to Dubbo where we arrived at our destination – the ZOO. Such a fun holiday all round.

I’m looking forward to my next destination wedding, it is not really a wedding job. I will be officiating the wedding of a friend I have known for twenty years at the stunning Northern NSW coastal town of Brunswick Heads. I love my job and I can’t wait for more adventures traveling the countryside marrying couples!

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