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The May 50k. Walking for a great cause, inspired by great people.

Thank you to all the people who sponsored me for the MS fundraiser this May. Today is the last day – and, as I suspected would happen, I have 5.9km left to get the 50km that I pledged to do (im grateful that it isn’t 25!).

I signed up to this cause to support my work mates who were making a team. And also because it was charity for a good cause.

Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic neurological disease that effects the messages between the brain and other parts of the body. The onset is generally for young Australians between 20-40years of age. There are 25 000 people that live with MS in Australia at the moment.

Ten plus years ago I worked with an inspiring awesome lady who incidentally also had a diagnosis of MS. I knew her so well, well I thought I did, until I had known her for many months and didn’t know she had MS. The disease was at times literally crimpling. However this women was made of more than just skin and bones, she was strong inside, determined and gutsy. She wasn’t dictated by a disease. When you were lucky enough to be her presence there was always a laugh and she has so much energy and charisma. I recall that MS didn’t hold her back from tiling her entire apartment!

Then last year we engaged a young fit man to assist us with building our house. He is a brickie and we needed the block work down on our family home that we are building. He too has a diagnosis of MS. He has worked for many years in his trade and is exceptionally good at it. But it is hard physical work, hard if you are healthy and fit, extremely hard if you also have multiple sclerosis.

Two young people, so strong, so capable, and so inspiring.

Together the MS walk has raised over 6 million dollars, the money goes towards research. Not everyone with MS is as fortunate as these two to have regular employment, partners to come home to, family and supportive friends. All those things no doubt help keep them focused on the bigger picture so that they can enjoy their life to the fullest of their current capacity. But will funds, research and hope, everyone can enjoy their very best life.

I went to the Doctor this week as I had a rash, it hurt a lot and I’ve been having headaches. I thought the rash was a result of a tick bite. Apparently I have Shingles. Normally I would dramatically declare that I am unwell and must take to bed, and heaven forbid that I could exercise. BUT, I am lucky to have Shingles, its only 2 tablets, three times a day for a week. That’s it. If Katherine can tile her house and Aido build out home then without any further a due I will walk 6km.

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