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Happy Ten Year Celebrant-aversary.


Wow – it occurred to me just the other day –  wow, I have been doing weddings for over ten years (it was in fact a few weeks back, it was the February that I became registered as a celebrant).


I thought I would reflect on that journey.  I’m a sole trader. It’s the only business I have ever ran, and I set it up from scratch. I completed the celebrant course, applied for the celebrant registration, I created the facebook business account, a friend set up my website. I did all those other legal bits, ABN and insurance. I do my own ‘marketing’ and ‘social media’ (admittedly I don’t do enough of this or very well at it).

Its been a delightful journey, I have met sooo many wonderful people, heard amazing stories and shared some really intimate moments that I feel privileged to be connected to.  Couples from all over the world, guests from all over the world, traditions from all over the world all considered and included to create a unique – legal Australian wedding.


I want to acknowledge that it is only ever all possible to run a small business as a mum when are lucky to have amazing supports. I think every business will appreciate that no matter how hard or dedicated I am, as a mum of two young people, I can only ever give my best when my little besties are being cared for, completely, at the same time.   While I became registered in 2014, I only officiated one wedding that year and then just a handful before my daughter was born in 2015. So, really, she has been on this journey with me from the beginning. My son was born 2018 and over the ten years I have officiated more than 150 ceremonies.


My husband is my main go to when I do ceremonies, however I have so many memories of meeting someone at the beach and a family member (be it my mum and or dad, my inlaws, my aunty, my brother and my sister in law (the very first time we met was when I gave my baby to my brother and his new girlfriend to babysit while I went to do a wedding),  my girlfriends from high school, my girlfriends from university, my neighbours, my playgroup mum friends (actually just this week I had to rely her help). So really without all those wonderful people to be there I couldn’t have  made those I Do’s.


I’d also like to acknowledge, as a small business owner, how grateful I am also when my friends and family believe in me. My very first wedding was a referral that a girlfriend of mine gave to one friend of hers I did not know (that same girlfriend was also mentioned above when  years later she was pushing around my 3 month old son in the pram). I am grateful for every referral and every tag someone makes on a social media post. I remember them all.  It means the world to me when the people I know reach out to me to be involved in their special day and trust me to help them create all their wedding dreams.


I have also made new friendships along the way, people I became connected with and have shared many memories with, including the lead up to their big day, the big day and the friendship since that big day.


Its been a fabulous ten years, the time flew by,  and I reckon I can do it for another ten… and probably another ten after that!


Looking forward to meeting new couples – and also re-meeting those past couples who want to renew their vows.

Tanya Emes - Wedding Celebrant






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