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Moving in Style, Shoalhaven Limousines

I recently spent a wonderful weekend with friends and family courtesy of Shoalhaven Limousines allow me to share my delightful day with you – I truly believe there is something for everyone in this story.

This story goes way back, pre covid to 2019 when I was fortunate to win a day with the local limo company. Due to Covid, rains and life I never got around to booking it until recently.

Initially I had plans to use it as a wine tour leaving and returning to Callala with a group of ladies made up of family (mum and sister in law) and friends. However this year we had moved and were no longer Callala locals and it was my husbands big birthday (i.e. FORTY!) so we had a limo that was made up of half girls and half boys, or I should say half ladies and half men since the average age was Forty, but in fact there actually there was a little girl and a little boy who got to have a very exciting ride as well, and this was the beauty of working with Shoalhaven Limousines, Samantha was so accommodating to our plans and welcomed the idea to include everyone.

So it was a surprise for my husband, he only knew that we were going out on Saturday with our neighbours and the children were being babysat. The evening before I shared the secret limo trip with my daughter who was delighted to be the keeper of such a big secret. She was very quick to let my husband know that she had a secret (I didn’t tell the 5 year old, I suspected it wouldn’t remain a secret if I did)

a celebrant and her family off in the limousine
Shoalhaven limo

On the morning the 4 of us got dressed up “in our fancy clothes” and made our way outside to wait for our lift. Aiden was excited when he learned that he too could go in the limo (it arrived with fitted childrens seat just for him) he didn’t know the word ‘limousine or limo” but accurately said It was a car that the famous people go in”. Yes we are famous.

limos have car seats
Celebrant mum and little Aiden

Unfortunately for the children (but great for us) they didn’t get to stay in the limo for the day as our first stop was to my parents home. We arrived in time for the prepared bacon and eggs. It’s always best to start with a full tummy when you are off for some wine tasting and beer drinking. After we filled our bellies the child seat came out and the little ones stayed behind for a day with their grandparents and my brother and sister in law got to come in.

From there we went off to pick up the final couple of our party. They live in Bomadary, they only had a short trip to Silos Estate. Silos were expecting our group of 8 and we had a booking for a wine and cheese tasting in their cellar (the booking arrangements were all taken care of by Sam at Shoalhaven Limousines).

Silos estate, Shoalhaven winery
happy birthday husband

We spent a lovely few hours there with our host who took us thru the local wines, a delightful collection including, reds, whites, sparkling and sweet. Each Tasting Tour is $15pp and for licencing there is a requirement to purchase a delicious grazing platter that consists of local produce, a scrumptious varieties of cheese, olives, relish and crackers. It was pleasing to hear from the staff at Silos that they are committed to sustainable practices. We had noticed the charging stations located in the carpark for electric cars. They also incorporated sustainable design for water and farming solutions. - If you know me then you know I like to call myself the #greencelebrant, a hashtag self appointed title that reflects my passion for the environment so I was super excited to get there and hear about how #green they are too.

Silos Estate and Shoalhaven Limousines
the party crew

From there we travelled a few short KM to the local South Yeast Brewery. This was the win for my brother who doesn’t drink wine so had been patiently waiting. I love a good brewery and this is one of them.

They had a great variety of beers and the host was cheerful and happy to talk us thru the available beers on tap. There were games to keep the adults entertained including darts, jenga and Mr potatoe head.

South Yeast brewery, Shoalhaven
Craft beer and games

After beers, and a round of local pies and cookies it was time to head home. Because I’m organised and I’m the Green Celebrant I even remembered to take my growler out for the day so we can enjoy tap beer on the way home. (a growler is the name of the sustainable glass container that local brewery’s sell and can refill saving you money and saving the planet as there is no waste packaging!).

Our lovely driver ensured everyone was delivered safely home, and that the children were picked up for one last trip home. This time with night lights.

I couldn’t recommend contacting Shoalhaven Limousines enough to make a tailored plan for your day out, they can travel far and frequently do to Sydney, but why go up to the hustle and bustle when theres a host of wonderful local venues on the South Coast you can check out.


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