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Plan your travels with the expert in the business

What inspired you to set up your business?

I have been in the industry for many years after getting the travel bug in my early 20’s and I love to live vicariously through my clients dream holidays! With a husband in the Military and moving around as we did, my clients followed me wherever I went over the years. With 90 per cent of my clientele coming from repeat and referral business, it made sense for me to start my own home based agency that allowed me to set up shop wherever I went, whilst still maintaining the same contact details and being able to service my clients with product and service in a manner that they were accustomed to.

What is your advice to couples that are planning their ##honeymoon?

Kick back and let me, your professional travel advisor, plan your perfect honeymoon, it’s one less thing for you to worry about! I am an expert and my knowledge and advice will save you both time and money.

Were you working in the industry when you got married? Tell us about your honeymoon and what was your favourite part?

Yes I was working as a travel advisor when we got #married and we actually got married in Fiji! We had 50 guests come over and stay a week with us and it was amazing. It was a wedding “week” not just a day and we really got to enjoy quality time with our nearest and dearest (plus we only had people there who REALLY wanted to be there!). It was so easy, hassle free and extremely cost effective. I would recommend it to anyone!

After our guests departed, we then travelled on to 2 different Fijian Islands for our honeymoon which just topped off what was already one of the most fabulous experiences of my life.

Are you noticing any themes emerging for honeymoons?

The Fijian Islands are always popular as it is so close to home and there really are some spectacular new #luxury resorts recently opened over there, however, I think the ultimate in honeymoon destinations has to the Maldives or Tahiti. Who doesn’t love a spectacular overwater bungalow … the epitome of a romantic, exotic destination!

How can people best get in contact with you?

Business name: Kelly Campbell Travel

Ph 0405175850

Address Sunshine Coast, QLD – consulting can be done by phone or email as well as in person. I have clients Australia wide!

Web address

Social media links

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