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Online Wedding Planning Workshops you can do @ home

It has been on my to do list for some time #weddingplanning workshops. Ideally they would have been a face to face group to meet other brides - however I thought in the meantime - to help lift the spirits of those who had to postpone their Big Day, we can do an online version.

The topics will include, but not limited to, planning your #engagement announcement and party, creating a theme for your wedding, setting wedding budgets, DIY wedding projects, invites and RSVPs, picking your flowers, saying #yestothedress , personalising your special day so it represents you, understanding the legalities to getting married and changing your name – and lots more. There will of course be an opportunity to request topics and ask questions. You will be supported by your group of as you share ideas and feedback and you be further supported and lead by an industry professional.

The first group will receive a significant discount with membership to the workshop at just $25– and further more – all proceeds from the first course will be donated to charity. As it is important to me at this crazy time where we are unsure of what is happening day to day that membership of the group acts as positive part of your day, a chance to enjoy your #wedding planning and actually get things ticked off your list despite being at home and self isolating.

So if you’re interested please hit the contact me button and remember to share with your friends that you know are planning their wedding. During this time, stay home, stay safe and wash your hands.

Love, Tanya

Red Nose Sids

The proceeds will be donated to a beautiful organisation that were able to offer professional support and guidance to my beloved family at a time when they needed it most. In addition to that valuable service they also continue to research and publish best practice so that we can reduce and hopefully one day eliminate sudden infant death syndrome.

Darling Matthew, gone too soon, loved always xox

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