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Will you marry me? My Journey to becoming a celebrant

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Within weeks of my partner’s #surprise #proposal I was a guest at a wedding. It was the perfect opportunity to start thinking of ideas and planning my wedding. The proposal arrived mid way thru writing up my thesis and I had declared that I would not look at a bridal magazine or website until my thesis was bounded and with the University. But, at the wedding, I couldn’t work anyway so I may as well effectively time manage the occasion. I never thought that it would have such an impact on our wedding and then also my life.

Katherine and Keith, flanked by their attendants on each side, met their good mate at the altar who was equipped with the microphone and necessary ordainment to make their union legally bound. He was their #celebrant. As guests we learnt that Good Mate (whose name I have since forgotten) had completed his studies and gained his professional registration as a marriage celebrant for the purpose of marrying Katherine and Keith. Perhaps it was part of a dare? I cannot recall, however, it was evident that the special moment between my friends was enhanced by the jovial celebrant and the relationship between them. I must get myself one of those, I thought. My fiancée was away with work at the time and was not there to witness the occasion, but instead took my word for it and embraced my very first wedding idea.

Despite my declaration of nil #wedding planning, I spent my breaks researching the web for information on becoming a celebrant. I thought if I paved the way it would be easier for Our Celebrant to follow in my footsteps. Besides, I had two cousins engaged at the time and they were both keen for a free celebrant. I contacted Good Mate for his advice and set about enrolling into the course. By then I had already submitted my thesis and despite all plans for a break from study, I was straight back into it.

I initially asked my God Father to officiate our ceremony, he had been the Master of Ceremonies at both my 21st and 30th celebration, I thought why not the next big celebration? However, much like me he had already taken on too many projects and didn’t have the time to commit to the training to become a celebrant (although he did make a wonderful Master of Ceremonies at our wedding reception).

So instead I approached my Aunty Colleen, partner to my mum’s brother John. Will you #marry me and Ryan? Aunty Colleen and Uncle John had been dating for a short time and when I was born he ‘borrowed’ baby me his new niece to show off to his new girl friend. Thirty four years later Aunty Colleen and I met at the altar with Ryan and our attendants (including my cousin from the same side). It was much like watching Katherine and Keith at their #wedding 18 months earlier, my groom and I were thrilled to share our intimate moment with someone very dear and special to us. It symbolised the support my Aunty held for our life long union and it appeared that she represented our family and our family’s approval. Her excitement during the lead up and on the day was warming and it truly was a blessing to have her as our celebrant.

Since gaining my registration I have had the pleasure to marry two of my cousins, friends and new friends that I’ve made in the lead up to some very special days. While my #bigday has come and gone I am still enjoying pre-wedding planning and big day thrills. If I wasn’t newly engaged at the wedding of Katherine and Keith I wander if I would have ever found this very enjoyable path? I have lots of wonderful social dates in my calendar to look forward to and every wedding is special for everyone involved including the celebrant. I meet the #engaged couple, learn about their wedding dreams and go about making their dreams come true. I am very excited about doing themed weddings as I have booked in 2016 a Rockabilly and a Day of the Dead themed wedding! Good times just keep on rocking and rolling on!

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