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Tupperware for a Bridal Shower

This is the first of my Interview Style Blogs. I contacted a quite a few people that I know that are working in industries that may be interested in sharing some advice – and their business details with my blog readers. Courtney was the first to reply, which doesn’t surprise me as she is always so eager and motivated. Courtney became a Tupperware consultant after I met her (we met when I was the celebrant that officiated her wedding a few years back) and very quickly she has become my go to lady for Tupperware and evidently a lot of other people. If you are planning a Hens or a baby shower or want to just have a get together, call Courtney to make it special… especially with the little extra touches (read on if you like Cocktails)!

Tanya & Courtney

Q - What inspired you to set up your business?

Initially I can say with absolute certainty that I started for the money, what I didn’t expect was that I would stay for so many more reasons!

Tupperware provides me with an income that I can increase or decrease as “life happens” & it still amazes me that I am able to drive a free company car, go on all expenses paid, 5 star holidays, earn fantastic commission and a managers check every month and I am still able to drop my kids at school every day, pick them up every afternoon, be a fulltime mum and housewife and never miss an award at assembly! The flexibility is truly amazing!

Its also a very generous and empowering business! The recognition and rewards are amazing!!

Q We first met when I officiated your ceremony what is your advice for #brides planning their special day?

Two things; 1. Communication – You will, no doubt, have a picture in your head of how everything will be and how everything will look on your big day!

All the preparation in the world pre-event won’t allow you to do it all on the day anyway, you will need to make sure that everyone who is helping you on the day, from caterers, florists and #celebrants through to your bridesmaids and helpers, have a clear understanding of exactly what you want! As things change and alter throughout the planning, you will need to make sure that everyone has the most updated information and requirements!

This will ultimately ensure that you’re able to sit back on your big day and enjoy every moment knowing that everyone knows exactly what’s going on!

2. Organisation – Make lists, have a folder that has sections in it and keep everything!

Take the time to sit down with those who will be helping on the day and make to do list’s of things that need to be done as you count down (18 months out, 12 Months out, 6 months out, monthly from 6-2 months out, 6 weeks out, 4 weeks out and weekly from here) this will keep you on track the entire time and as a collective, your loved ones will think of things you won’t have even thought about yet!

Keep your lists updated and make copies for anyone who needs to stay in the loop!

Courtney, I recently I had the pleasure of hosting one of your Tupperware parties for my (at the time) ‘almost’ sister in law (now she is my sister in law!) for her hens party. I found that it was a great way for all the ladies to meet up and get to know each other in the daylight before we went out that night.

Tupperware was a great conversation starter for everyone, from those mums in the group who had school age kids and needed Tupperware for their lunch box planning to the not yet #married lady in the group who was excitedly buying Tupperware because she was planning to move in with her special person in the coming months.

Q What do you enjoy most when you host a Tupperware party for a Hens event?

Seeing the #Hens excitement as I tell her what rewards she has earned for her party is always the best part for me, but I really LOVE seeing everyone so excited and filled with anticipation!

Everyone is already forming the same roles that they will assume on the day of the #wedding and its nice to see how people work together for their common love of the bride to be!

Q Are you noticing any themes for these #hensparties?

Yes, I usually do either a cocktail theme or high tea!

Cocktails are so fun, using various Tupperware products I teach the guests how to make a few cocktails and we have a fabulous time! Champagne and sorbet slushies are always a very big hit!

High tea parties are far more traditional! I love to spend some time making a few family recipes and playing some games!

Q What’s the one piece of Tupperware that you think every #newlywed needs in their marital home?

One piece of Tupperware??? Lol!

My absolute favourite thing to do at a Tupperware party is show guests how to save literally thousands of dollars every year on groceries and food waste by using our range!

In particular, our VentSmart system is second to none and if there was ever a product that I think every person should invest in, its this!

Courtney, you are are lady that captures my heart - I love, love that #Tupperware promotes Green Living lifestyle. Thanks for sharing your tips. If people want to get in contact with you to organise their own event (on the NSW South Coast and possibly Sydney and wherever else you can convince Courtney to travel off and explore to) -

Phone Courtney on 0418600831

or join her facebook page to get the latest on the newest products and great specials

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