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Planning a Naming day

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

As a #mother we all recall how difficult those early months can be. The first time you become a mum its overwhelming. So many people want to visit both you and the #baby, and ideally, they don’t want to be under your feet. It can be hard to get out and socialise like you use to, especially if you are trying to build a routine, or there are any complications that you and your little one are trying to adjust to.

A naming day or christening or similar gets everyone together, families and friends, its an opportunity for everyone to meet the baby – a chance – ideally for mum to sit down and relax and have her community take care of her, to make her a cuppa and check in on her well being. The opportunity is there for someone to host the event on behalf of the family. There is an old saying that ‘many hands make light work’ and some of the loveliest Naming Days I have officiated at have been a collaboration of family and friends organising the day, between hosting the location, the decorating and catering. This lovely gesture demonstrates love to the baby and the parents, it’s also a gesture of support. A true reflection of what I believe are the essential themes of a naming day.

I did not consider it as something to plan for when we had my daughters #namegiving day, however for our sons day we had arranged for a professional photographer to come along. I love the photos that we had taken as a family before the ceremony and the images that were captured of the ceremony. It also gave the guests a chance to have their photo taken with our little ones. I have had some of these images framed with matching quotes and placed around the home. A reminder of the promises we made to our children on their Naming day. To lead by example, teaching good old-fashioned values, like honesty and integrity, keeping our promises and always being responsible for yourself and your actions.

If you’ve had a little bubba and you don’t know where to start with planning a #Namingday – or you’d like to host a special naming day for someone in your life – reach out and contact me I would love to help you create memories to treasure.

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