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Capturing the special moments at a Name Giving Ceremony

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Chatting with Elisha-Marree #Photography

We met when you did the photography for my sons Naming day. I wish I had of thought to have a professional photographer for my daughters naming day also the 2 years earlier. I was so pleased with your work and professionalism, I didn’t have to worry about trying to capture the day in photos as you took photos of the ceremony, the guests, the cake and decorations etc. My favorite photos are the posed photos of the kids in their little outfits and us as a family as we rarely have any photos as a family and most of the ones we do have are crappy selfies or ones where we are not all looking at the camera – let alone looking our best!

Was it your first time shooting a Naming day?

- actually it was. I had shot several other types of events, like #weddings and birthdays, so it wasn’t a shocker to the system thankfully.

After being involved in a Naming day would you recommend them to your newborn families? What do you feel they can gain from having a naming day for their little ones.

- Probably. I think it’s a really cute way to honour the new baby and it’s a great chance for relatives to catch up and meet baby!

That’s exactly my thoughts on namings days, such a wonderful excuse for a brilliant get together to celebrate the baby! In addition to #Namegiving day events I’ve seen on your page that you photograph lots of weddings and also the events leading up to them such as the gorgeous bridal party pictures at the #hightea #bridalshower you attended. You are also a wonderful newborn photographer, which is a special talent that not all photographers are capable of. You have so many sensational newborn pictures of the teeny tiny little bubbas and their little feet!

Do you offer packages for returning clients – such as combing a package with a maternity, a #newborn and name giving shoot.

- I do have some packages that group things together. It’s always best to contact me and let me know what you’re after. I’ll always try and work something out!

That’s great, and I’m sure that it helps when people get to work with you on multiple occasions as you, they would feel more at ease and relaxed in your presence.

What is your advice for planning a photographer for a #Namingday or even a #christening/#baptism style event?

- honestly, the same with any big event. Plan it! #Photographers can book out extremely early and it’s always best to secure them as soon as you have a date!

Yes, planning it is a great idea! Like other big events, I recommend to people keeping a book to write all your notes and ideas in it as you think of them in the lead up to the event. It might include any props and things you’d like to have the baby photographed with, such as a special rattle that was gifted to them when they born. You might also like to include notes on who you would like photographed, such as after the ceremony you could gather the family for photos, much like they do after a #wedding ceremony.

How can people contact you and see your work?

Call me on 0457 314741

& check out my pages.


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