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Planning your Plan B in case of wet weather

As a celebrant I always like to ask my couples - “what’s your plan B?” and if they tell me they haven’t made one… I like to advise them that having no plan for the rain only just invites the rain. The best part of having a Plan B is the guarantee (ok…. Its not quite in the bag) that Murphys Law won’t kick in and rain on your parade if you deliberately plan for rain.

There are many ways you can negotiate the weather for your special day. If you are having your ceremony indoors then you only need to think about getting safely from the car to the venues and where you can have your photos taken that will no longer be outside.

However, most of the weddings I do as a celebrant are outdoors. There’s just something about getting married out in the open, maybe its connected to the fact that a ceremony is all about your love being out in the open. Its openly declaring your love for each other, and further, its declaring under the sun and the moon, before your family and friends that you vow to take each other in marriage for as long as you both shall live.

Ceremonies that are on the beach, at the park, by the lake, in the forest or wherever are all subject to the elements of mother nature that cause perfectly straightened hair to curl and shriek. The easiest way to counter the rain is with wet weather gear. Umbrellas to keep the rain off the bridal party and a few extra for the under prepared guests who do not have their own.

It is best to select an alternative location as your Plan B, a warm dry place where guests can leave their umbrellas at the door. One of the easiest places to first check is your reception venue. In advance you can contact the venue event planner and ask them if this is a possibility for you and if not what do they suggest. I have conducted ceremonies for couples in their reception venue on multiple occasions, some times because of the rain and sometimes because it’s the Plan A location in the first place.

Next step would be to source the local halls in the area that may be available to rent. This may include checking the council websites for their listed halls, possible scout halls or sports venues. You could search via Google, or by physically looking at a map to see what is in the area or asking your peers on a local facebook group. If you are to utilise a hall you are most likely going to need to make a payment to hold the hall for you even if it doesn’t rain on the day.

On the day. Rather than leave it to the last minute to change the venue you will need to consider at what point you will make the call and how and who will disseminate the information to your guests. The earlier you decide to change the venue the better, it will allow your guests and your professionals to consider their travel plans, parking and the like. In advance you may consider allocating the task of notifying everyone to someone other than you on the day. In advance, give them instructions on who they need to contact and how to contact the guests, if you have a web page or a facebook event be sure your helper has administrative access to make posts.

Finally, if you do have to use your Plan B it will be less stressful because it was arranged in advanced. And always remember, it’s your special day, rain, hail or sunshine you will be married!

Besides, if it has been a heavy down pour and you still wish to get outdoors for your photos – you

can always get yourselves some great gum boots and some truly amazing photos!

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